Terms and Conditions

Neither Pat’s Auto Supply (the Producer), or the owner of the building at which the show is produced, shall be responsible or liable for any personal injury to the Exhibitor or any person affiliated with the Exhibitor, including but not limited to any person or minor under the direction and/or control of the Exhibitor, and the Exhibitor, on behalf of itself and any such person and/or minor, as the case may be, hereby waives any such claim for personal injury. Additionally, the Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Producer against any claim for personal injury by itself or any person and/or minor under the direction and/or control of the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor hereby assumes all risk and shall be solely responsible, waiving any claim against any third party including but not limited Producer for any loss or damage to all or any part of the Exhibitor’s personal property, which shall specifically include, but not be limited to, the Exhibitor’s vehicle, trailer, display, material and/or parts. The Exhibitor hereby expressly waives any and all rights the Exhibitor may have against any of them for such loss or damage. Exhibitor agrees to obtain insurance covering the above and assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage. Exhibitor agrees that this signed entry blank supersedes any and all prior and /or contemporaneous agreements and understandings whether written or oral between Exhibitor and the Producer, The Producers employees, Show Staff and Volunteers, Representatives, and Sub-Contractors. Nothing herein shall be modified unless consented to by the Producer in writing. Both parties agree all disagreements will be decided by arbitration in the province is produced.